Q.  Are there any requirements for a Kart Carolina experience package?

A.  This is probably one of the most popular questions we receive.  There are not many requirements, however, we do like participants to be
     16 years or older with a valid driver's license for Senior karts.  

     That said, if you have previous racing experience or come from another racing program (example, a Victory Lane Karting league/camp or one
     of the karting rental leagues) or have raced in other disciplines we will also work with "Junior Class" drivers age 12-15 and "Cadet" drivers
     age 8-11.

     If you have no racing experience at all we have a package for you as well!  Please contact us to discuss which experience would be right
     for you.

Q.  What should I bring to the track with me?

A.  Another popular question!  The answer really depends on what you are at the track for.  If you are participating in a practice/open track
     day with us, we would recommend some snacks and hydrating drinks as it can be warm, even in non-summer months.  Race days are
     generally longer days, so a breakfast/lunch option in addition to snacks and drinks is recommended. When possible we will typically have a
     cooler with water available.  You may also want to bring some chairs.  We typically have some, but if you have folks coming with you it's
     never a bad idea to bring a few extra, just in case.

     If you will be using our race gear then really the only thing you'd need to worry about is close-toed shoes (we highly recommend sneakers)
     and long pants.  Those are track requirements at pretty much every facility.  We will have the rest of the gear for you as needed.

Q.  What time should I arrive at the track?

A.  For open/practice days we recommend getting to the track at least 45 minutes before your "start" time.  You will need to complete some
     paperwork for the track as well as for Kart Carolina.  After that, you'll want to settle into the pit area, get geared up, and get comfortable in the
     kart. For race days we recommend arriving at least an hour before the races start... possibly even earlier.  Unlike practice days where there is
     no schedule, race days do follow a timesheet for each session and require registration check-in, so a late arrival may mean missing an early
     warm-up session.

Q.  Speaking of fitting in a kart, how tall do you have to be?

A.   Well, there's no height requirement but we do try to setup the karts to a pretty standard configuration that will fit a majority of drivers.  For
      taller drivers (generally over 6' tall), we may need to get creative and make some adjustments =) !  Karting seats are generally snug but will
      fit most folks will fit no problem.  We will always ask size questions prior to booking an event to make sure.

Q.  How fast are the karts?

A.  That is kind of a trick question.  The karts are capable of around 70-80+mph top speeds, however, most of the track configurations tend to
     see speeds topping out between 55-60mph with up to 1g (g-force) in some of the turns.

Q.  Do I need to buy insurance?

A.  Upon arrival at the track you will sign a waiver before even entering the facility.  Kart Carolina requires a waiver to be signed as well
     (anyone under 18 will also need a parent/guardian signature) prior to booking your event.  Kart Carolina does offer insurance options as far
     as the equipment goes.  This is not required, however, it is suggested as contact may happen, especially on race days, and the insurance for
     the equipment can really limit your liability and save money should anything occur.

Q.  What is your refund policy for driving or racing experiences?

A.  Kart Carolina experiences are pre-paid and the only time we will cancel is if there is inclement weather.  If you arrive late to a session there
     will not be a time refund, however, if we do not have a booking right after yours we will make sure you get a full experience!  Should any
     damage occur that results in the inability for the kart to continue and a backup kart is not available, it will be handled on a case by case
     basis depending on the incident details.  This is very rare though.

Q.  What about rain?

A.  While most tracks do run in the rain, we do not operate any of our arrive and drive experiences in any inclement weather for safety
      reasons.  We try to keep an eye on the forecast, so if rain is likely we will typically cancel in advance and would provide the option of
      rescheduling.  If it rains during an event, your experience will be pro-rated based on how much of the experience has been completed.

Q.  What about refunds on purchased items?

A.   Our goal is to have a satisfied customer.  Any new items purchased through Kart Carolina carry their full manufacturer warranty.  For
      example, the Briggs LO206 motor would be warrantied by Briggs & Stratton and you would work with them directly or through an    
      authorized service center if you had any issues.   Pre-owned items are sold "as-is" with no warranty or refund period.  We inspect and
      accurately represent (via photos and descriptions) any pre-owned items we have, so be sure to look at those closely.  Of course, you can
      always reach out to us if you have questions prior to purchase.

Q.  Are your karts available for sale?

A.  They sure are!  Be sure to visit our "Own" page to see what we have featured.  Our full selection of available karts is available directly via
     our "Shop" link.  In most cases we can ship to the lower 48 United States via freight.  We also offer racing gear, parts, and accessories for
     many types of sprint racing karts (Online shop coming soon).  We can also put a kart package together for you through other
     manufacturers or customize one of our existing available karts if you wish.

Our goal is to make this the most enjoyable, easy, and safe experience you can have racing go-karts.  That said, we're sure you have a few questions.

Below are the answers to some of the most popular questions we get asked.

If we get any others, we'll be sure to update this.  You can also feel free to contact us if there is anything specific you want to ask us!