Quick-N-Slick (32-oz) petroleum-free polish is the perfect product to shine up your vehicle.  Use it after cleaning your kart with Multi-Clean to polish up chrome, aluminum, magnesium, and more! 

The reactive polymers and antistatic properties allow it to help repel track dust making it perfect for a coat over your vinyl decals between sessions!

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Water-based cleaners to keep your equipment looking fast! 


Kart Carolina is excited to be able to offer you Croftgate USA's line of cleaning products through our website and at the track.  Thesewater-based products are perfect for your kart, support equipment, trailer, and vehicles as they do not rely on harsh chemicals which can damage your equipment.

Please read below for details on each product!

Featured Products:

Below are some featured products which will help you keep your kart and equipment looking new without degrading them with abrasive chemicals...

Multi-Clean All-in-One Cleaner/Degreaser (32-oz) is the perfect product to keep your kart looking new.  No petroleum solvents, no inorganic acids or phosphates, means no harsh chemicals ruining or fading your equipment, components, or vehicles.

Multi-Clean is the perfect cleaner to remove grease, tar, rubber, brake dust, bugs, etc!

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Tire Shine Plus (32-oz) is perfect for:

  • Plastic Bodywork
  • Fuel lines/Hoses
  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Wires

No petroleum solvents are present so it will not sling off and it does not attract dirt like other similar products. Also conditions as you apply!

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Endure XXL (16-oz) petroleum-free protectant/polish is the final step in kart care.  Use this after cleaning your kart and applying Quick-N-Slick for a lasting protective layer.  This product would be similar to ceramic coating n a vehicle and it re-bonds with itself for later applications allowing it to repel track dust and debris.  Perfect for the final coating on your kart's vinyl package!

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Everything you need to clean and maintain your kart at home or on the go!

  • 2 Heavy Duty Microfiber Towels
  • One 4-oz Aquanil-X Waterless Wash
  • One 4-oz Multi-Clean Cleaner/Degreaser
  • One 4-oz Quick-N-Slick Polish/Sealant
  • One 4-oz Tire Shine Wheel/Tire Cleaner

Retail Value: $34.84.  Click here to buy now for only $21.95!