We keep it simple so you can just focus on your business and not have to worry about complicated marketing packages.  See below for some examples of what we can do for you:

Social Media Posts:

  • 1 post per week on IG/FB: $20/mo
  • 3 posts per week on IG/FB: $45/mo
  • 6 posts per week on IG/FB: $65/mo
  • Custom options also available!

Other social media options:

  • YouTube video management
  • Quick-hit promotional videos (including editing)
  • FB/IG business profile page creation

Feel free to contact us at lemansmedia@gmail.com to discuss your options!  While we do have packages created, we understand it's never a one size fits all approach, so we are happy to consult with you to determine the best strategy for your needs!

We aim to make this process as easy for you as possible.  We can even help you set up a DropBox or WhatsApp account so that pictures are easily shared with us.  This allows you to focus on your business and not worry about editing or managing media for content.  This also allows us to work with business owners around the country from our home base in the Charlotte, NC area.

Welcome to LeMans Media!

Social Media:

Services include:

  • Scheduled posts to your Facebook/Instagram profile
  • Targeted tagging and hashtags
  • Picture collages (great for goods or services!)
  • Custom created content
  • Collaborated content
  • And more!

Post Frequency:

Details include:

  • Posts are generally made based on the ideal IG engagement day/times
  • 1 post per week can be any day
  • 3 posts per week are 1 post per day on 3 different days
  • 6 posts per week are 2 posts per day on 3 different days
  • Custom options are available!



LeMans Media is a division of Kart Carolina.  While it started in the motorsports industry, we have since expanded to serve any and all industries.

We bring the same focus of Kart Carolina to LeMans Media by offering simple, cost-effective solutions to sole-proprietors and small businesses.  We have seen what others charge for social media management and consulting and realized that most folks do not need to pay hundreds of dollars a month for help with their social media. 

Please see the offerings below and if you have any questions, please contact us!