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  • Quick connect multi-weight system
  • Simple 1, 2, 3 installation!
    • 1 - Install the Peg-Weight bar to the seat
    • 2 - Slide weights onto the pegs
    • 3 - Secure using the included bolt and
           safety clip!
  • Three weight locations per Peg-Weight allows you to easily balance/relocate the weight on the kart.
  • Each peg supports up to 5 pounds meaning each Peg-Weight bar supports up to 15 pounds!  Install 2 like in the picture and that's up to 30 pounds installed in seconds!
  • Heading to a new track with different weight limits?  No problem, add weight in seconds!
  • Backed by a 6-month manufacturer's warranty
  • Patented Design

** Introducing the Peg-Weight Mounting System **

The Quick Change Solution for lead weight mounting and weight distribution!