Now the real fun begins!  The LO206 classes have seen spectacular growth over the last few seasons, and now you can be a part of it!  

Race days are a ton of fun in a great, family-friendly environment.  Our goal is to introduce you to a race day the easiest way possible  The racing is exciting, but we're always having fun.  I mean, if you're not having fun karting... what's the point?!

We offer several experiences for race/event days depending on your needs and can tweak accordingly. So suit up and come on out b/c we love having new racers join us!  The Racing Experiences are currently available for club/track events only.

Have your own kart?  Awesome... we provide track/race consulting for that as well!

GoPro Motorplex
Race Experience

Included in this package:

  • Full use of race-prepped kart
  • Kart Stand
  • Fuel for the event
  • Set of tires for the event
  • Tuning for the event
    (tire pressures, gear changes, basic setup)
  • Race consulting
  • Driver guidance
  • MyChron Racing Computer
  • Data Analysis (RPMs, lap times, etc)
  • GoPro/Video analysis (if equipped)
  • Transponder Rental

Included at no additional cost (if needed):

  • Full required safety gear: Helmet, neck brace, gloves, racing suit (Jr & Sr only)
  • Registration assistance

Current Race Dates Available (GoPro Motorplex)
All dates are Saturday unless otherwise noted:

À La Carte Options:

  • Feb 27th
  • March 20th
  • April 24th
  • May 15th
  • June 19th
  • ​July 24th

** 2021 SCHEDULE **

  • New Tires - $275/set mounted (must be ordered and pre-paid at least a week in advance of the event)
  • ​Race Practice (2-hour time block the day before the race, when available):  $275
  • Additional Incident Insurance ($50 per race day is included):
    - $95 (increases incidental damage coverage to up to $150 for the race day )

Cadet Class:


Racing Experiences:

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 ​  -  All pricing and packages are based on one driver using one kart for one event.
      Please contact us for other options.

 ​  - All arrive & drive race experiences must be reserved and paid for at least
       one week prior
to the event date to allow for proper kart allocation and prep

  -  "Extra" items like tires, transponders, etc are available on a first-come/first
      serve basis
  -  Track/Event fees are separate, additional, and vary by location/event.

  -  Racing experiences are currently available for GoPro Motorplex club/track
     events only.  

  *  You must have completed at least 1 track session with us and be able to run
      minimum lap times to participate in arrive & drive race days. 
Contact Us for more details.

Race / Event Experiences

  • Aug 28th
  • Sept 11th
  • Sept 12th (Sun)
  • Nov 13th
  • Nov 14th (Sun)
  • Dec 11th

Now THAT is a photo finish!
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Race consulting typically includes getting the kart and driver to the pits, assistance unloading kart from kart stand, wheeling kart to grid, starting kart prior to session, assistance loading kart onto stand after session, then bringing kart back to tent area for each session.  This is in addition to any tuning support.